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    Pagong.Pitas.com is Ara Sandel's ( or Yuki-chan's ) webbie / blog. This website is already three years old and still running. The stuff contains her opinions about things with her angst and bits of happiness as the main ingredient. It is sort of her way to 'space out' ( aside from drawing ) or just to let loose.  Although, when the web mistress gets swamped with schoolwork, she fails to update it. T.T


Current Layout

    The current layout features Nyan Nyan Nyanko, a character created by San-X ( a corporation in Tokyo Japan, responsible for making such cute characters like Tare Panda and Kogepan ).  All the pictures in this layout are not mine although I tweaked all of them and painstakingly edited them to make them look like it is now.All the pictures are ripped from the world wide web but I forgot to note down the sites where I got them. T.T


      This is my second time to create a food themed layout and to use the color orange as the main color. So why , "Oishi Orange"? This is because the nyanko foods that I included in my current layout are all so yummy ( Oishi is the Japanese word for delicious, even though they contain nyan nyan nyanko!! ^_^ If you happen to pass by Tokyo, Japan for some unknown reason, you will definitely encounter nyan nyan nyanko products. I swear, I'd get my hands on one of them and eat it! haha ^_^ And what is with the orange? It's because orange makes me feel hungry , and yellow too! ( Probably that is why most restaurants use these colors along with red in order to stimulate hunger.... hmmm... interesting. hahahaha )



    These sites helped me in creating my own webbie and also taught me the workings of HTML in order to manipulate it to create my own style. haha





Soup Faerie




For some of the animated gifs ^_^


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    Some random stuffs that I got from other sites. *-*


Yay! you found Timmy! I found Taya! Yahoo!

I found all of hamster's lost clothes!

I found the lost sheep! Try finding him too!


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ŠPagong. This site was coded in Microsoft Frontpage. To edit the pictures, I used the ever trusty Adobe Photoshop ver. 07. ^-^